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What is Canofix?

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Canofix is a single panel wall mountable canopy system that is widely used in Europe and Asia. This innovative system currently has 25 pending patents and over 700 authorized design registrations. This tried and proven technology can be easily installed on the exterior of homes of businesses to provide protection from all types of weather conditions.

Non-Obstructive Modern Design

Canofix products are not only practical & functional, but are designed to look great and seamlessly blend into the environment. The simple and slim bracket lines and one piece transparent cover panels add architectural appeal to both residential and commercial properties.

DIY Installation

This light weight wall mountable awning system

can be installed at home or business without professional help.  Canofix products include brackets with built-in slide and lock panel system that is designed to make installation simple. Canofix is removable and reusable.



Single Cover Panel, No Joints

Canofix uses a one-piece cover panel solution and does not require joints or welding of multiple panels that can potentially result in water leakage and structural deformity.

Customizable Flexibility

Whether the project requires coverage for a large commercial building or a small residential property, Canofix is available in versatile configurations to accommodate your requirements.




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