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Canofix Difference  

Canofix is truly durable and versatile. Canofix brackets and cover panels are made of polycarbonate, a widely used transparent engineering plastic that is known for toughness and thermal & dimensional stability. Canofix offers year round protection from most weather conditions and can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures.

In order to have NO LEAK Between Brackets for Firm protection and easy Simple installation, any awning has to be in One Piece. Caulking between all brackets is not an answer for FIRM protection. It may leak, and also cannot stand on high / low temperature. CANOFIX presents Patented No Leak Awning Solution and Installation with Strong Polycarbonate BRACKET / PANEL for any residential or commercial.


Canofix, Anywhere
Commerical Use - Tough

Canofix can be installed above building and entrances, bus wait areas, outdoor vending machines, parking lots, walk paths, park table and benches, stairs and just about anywhere  outdoor where protection is needed from the harsh sun, rain or snow. 

   Residential Use - Stable

Canofix can be easily installed over residential home entrances, windows, patios, decks, garages, playgrounds and stairs for protection from all weather conditions and weather related damages to your home.

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